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Anti-Corruption Measures


Mongolian Customs carries out customs control based on risk management. Risk management ensures the balance between protection of national security and trade facilitation. Based on the predetermined criteria in the risk management system, declarations are assigned either red, orange or green stamps.

-          Red stamp indicates that customs will carry out both document review and physical inspection.

-          Orange stamp indicates only document review shall be conducted.

-          Green stamp indicates neither document review nor physical inspection shall be carried out.

In order to ensure national security whilst endeavoring to facilitate trade, cooperation from the trade is essential. We encourage traders to voluntarily comply with the relevant laws and legislations.

15.1 RM1

Based on the compliance level, traders are classified in the following categories:

Excellent compliance: Customs will take further measures to facilitate trade

Good compliance: Customs will provide guidance and support to comply further

Medium compliance: Customs will provide guidance and assistance to comply further

Low compliance: Customs will hold traders with low compliance accountable and will raise their awareness of customs laws and legislations.

Traders are encouraged to request for compliance level assessment voluntarily.

You may cooperate with the customs, seek advice and support, and assess your own compliance level.

In order to qualify for compliance level assessment, traders must meet the following requirements:

-          Regular operation in international trade in the last 3 years

-          Located at the official address for more than 2 years

-          Must have designated person in charge of international trade and customs matters

-          Must have an official email address and phone number

Customs promotes voluntary compliance through voluntary disclosure to the Post Clearance Audit Department.

Traders have the opportunity to voluntarily disclose errors and violations without penalty.

15.2 PCA1