mn GB

Mission Statement


Endeavor to become a leading customs organization in the region through services in accordance with international standards and are based on advanced technology.


Protecting national security, facilitating international trade, securing national state budget revenue and enhancing the capacity of the customs organization.


-          Service based on knowledge, advanced technology and innovation

-          Organizational culture that ensures transparency, fairness, promptness and ethics

-          Broad knowledge, specialized expertise, team work

-          Customer satisfaction

Strategic Objectives

  1. Customs control based on risk management
  2. Enhancement of capacity to protect national security and to combat illicit trade
  3. Implementation of proper tariff policy and securing national state budget revenue
  4. Enhancing the capacity of the customs organization, developing human resource capabilities, supplying highly skilled workforce with specialized expertise
  5. Adopting change management, good governance and internal control within the customs organization
  6. Implementing coordinated border management, eliminating hindrances to the free flow of goods and vehicles
  7. Enhancing legal reform, creating enabling business environment, and facilitating trade
  8. Ensuring operational transparency and adopting international service standards
  9. Developing information technology, creating enabling environment for paperless clearance